Sunday, May 24, 2009

Centerpieces - Fresh Flowers / Silk Flower

These arrangements suitable for wedding reception at Hotels or hall. But it can be arrange under big tented "Makan Berdamai" table.
Centerpieces with candle - Peach


Centerpieces with candle - White Pink

Centerpieces - bulk of roses

Candle with roses - red

Candle with flowers - lavender white
Simple candle1

Simple candle 2

Simple candle3


  1. OMG!! Elegant selection of those flowers decorated centerpieces...

  2. Delicacy and colorful combination, any one after receiving such colorful surprise by their loved ones will have a bucket full of happiness for a short but sweet Time in their life. Why not let them feel fresh and send flowers Japan

  3. Adorable centerpiece ideas!! They are simply lovely and stunning. Going to implement one of them in my bridal shower. The floral delivery will be done by Bloom Flowers delivery service. They give elegant flowers on a decent price.